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Nicholas Pezant
20 years
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Dear Nicholas,
Happy 23rd Birthday!!  We celebrated you today, November 8, 2007, the day you came into our lives 23 years ago.  I remember it so well, I was so happy to have this beautiful 9 lb baby boy.  You were my child.
We went to Aunt Libby's house to have dinner.  She cooked lasagna, vegetable casserole and dessert.  Paw-Paw, Ms. Jackie, Libby, Jennifer, Jason, Renee, Cameron, Dad, Emily and me were all there together.  We ate then wrote loving birthday wishes on white balloons for you.  We released them outside and watched as they floated up to heaven, to you.  We all sent our love and we miss you very, very much.  I hope you felt all the love we had for you tonight.
All my love, Mom
Lisa Winstell

I will always remember Nicholas as a sweet boy.  My favorite memory is how much he loved The Ninja Turtles!  Even my daughter, Jennifer, (his best friend in pre-school), had a Ninja Turtle birthday party.  The were so cute together!  Denise and I used to say what a cute couple they made and if they got married, they would have such cute kids!  How I wish we could go back to those days.

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